Can - Air is a state-of-the-art invention that will save you time, save energy, and save labor. In short it will make your life easier. Install Can-Air in your trash can and win the trash bag tug-of-war forever.

Can-Air will Save You Energy. Laboratory tests proved over a 300% savings in the effort needed to remove full trash bags from the trash can.

Can - Air is a revolutionary new labor saving device that is guaranteed to simplify your life. Anyone that has ever emptied a full trash can knows what a hassle it can be. Why is the trash bag always stuck?

It sticks because as the trash fills the bag, the air between the bag and the can is forced out creating a vacuum. This traps the bag making it hard to remove. Can –Air’s unique design breaks this vacuum allowing air from outside to pass through to the bottom on the inside of the can. This releases the vacuum inside the can that traps the bag. With Can - Air the stuffed trash bag glides out with ease. End the battle of the trash bag forever!